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By Theresa English, TK Architects International Inc.

April 2017

Vegas Strip Views from the Cinemark event at the LINQ

The highlights of the annual CinemaCon Convention in Las Vegas that was held March 20 to 27, 2017 can be summarized as Movies, Movie Stars, Strong Results and Bright Future. 

The primary highlights of each CinemaCon gathering revolve around movies and movie stars.  This year was no different.  Previews of upcoming attractions build positive momentum for exhibitors and allow them to begin planning promotions and special events targeted to specific movies.  Full length screenings of movies, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (In Theatres May 26, 2017), which CinemaCon screened this year, and also had an unannounced screening of “Furious 8” much to everyone’s delight. (more…)

Lobby–ing Your Customers: Smart Design Can Transform the Cinema Into a Popular Destination

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By Jack Muffoletto, Sr. Principal, TK Architects International

September 2016
The Article first appeared in the October (Lobby and Design) issue of Film Journal magazine HERE.

First impressions are made within the first five seconds (or less) of an encounter. Sure, the movie-going experience starts before your lobby, but it is just as important for your credibility when the customer opens the front door. (more…)

The Beauty of 3D Laser Building Surveys

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By Ian Wilson, Bsc hons, Pdip, AIA, RIBA, RIAS,  Principal, TK Architects International

August 2016

Laser Building Surveying, 3D model example

Laser Building Surveying, 3D model example

If I could name one major source of construction change orders in renovation or remodeling of existing buildings, it would have to be the surprise discovery of actual built conditions not matching the available as-built drawings.

Of course we could send an architect and engineers to survey a property and expect to catch all as-built discrepancies from the drawings. Of course the general contractor is to visit the site and become generally familiar with the conditions under which the work is to be performed. However, the reality is that a human being cannot economically guarantee a survey of the existing conditions. (more…)