Hello again! We’re in week 4 of our blog series, “Re-imagining the restaurant.” This series starts with the premise that changes in customer attitudes and habits have been accelerated by the pandemic. Then we ask our designers to imagine a facility around those future trends.


As we said last week, These are not necessarily ready-to-ship solutions but what-if scenarios meant to build a bridge between where we are now and what the future may hold.

Not only do people enjoy eating together, but the rise of cook-it-yourself subscriptions like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh also show there is a big market for those who want to cook together. That being said – hosting, picking up groceries, prepping the ingredients, and the cleanup – can make it a chore. Why not cut all the downsides out of the equation and focus on the fun?

This restaurant concept revolves around the idea of a cook-it-yourself dining experience. Consider the possibility of cooking with friends while adding in the social atmosphere and convenience of being in a restaurant setting. A classy full-service bar is surrounded by multiple “cooking islands” that are equipped with the tools and appliances to turn fresh, proportioned ingredients into the meal you order. After dinner, go to the bar or lounge to continue the evening while someone else takes care of the dishes and clean up.

It is hard to imagine a time where businesses and consumers have been so willing to experiment. Could this be a new trend to emerge in the post-COVID world? Click the link and let us know your thoughts.

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Steven Dragan