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Impact of Data on Cinema

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By Michael Cummings, Sr. Principal, TK Architects International

June 30, 2016

There were several sessions at the CineEurope convention in Barcelona this year that focused on the impact that data is having on Cinema.  Data is the reason that Amazon has a better idea of what you want for your birthday than your spouse.  Many of the discussions focused on exhibitor loyalty programs and what is possible to do with that information.cine europe aign (more…)

2016 World Trade Day Kansas City

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KCWTD 2016May 2016: TK Architects participated in 2016 Kansas City World Trade Day on Thursday, May 19 2016, at the Kansas City Power & Light Headquarters1200 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.

Our own Mike Cummings, Sr. Principal at TK Architects, along with Bret Holder, Garmin, Laura Schmidt, Notes to Self LLC, participated in the panel, led by  Nyamusi K. Igambi, KC -U.S. Commercial Service, which covered various topics and advice on doing business internationally.  Matthew Swindells, Cerner, a keynote speaker, talked about importance of international trade and the new Go Global KC Kansas City Metro Export Plan through Global Cities Initiative. TK Architects was also recognized as a 2015 recipient of Missouri Exporter of the Year Award, while Vektek, Inc. as a 2015 Kansas Exporter of the Year. (more…)

A New Generation of Movie Goers

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Studies have shown that Millenials, 24 years old and younger, look at their mobile devices dozens of times per hour.

JACK MUFFOLETTO, TK Principal, gave a presentation titled A New Generation of Movie Goers at KinoExpo tradeshow in St. Petersburg, Russia on Sep 25, 2014, where he touched base on how we use architectural design to get young people more interested and engaged in cinema facilities. (more…)

Future of Movie Theatres

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By Mike Cummings, TK Architects Principal

All of us have seen reports that movie theatres are a struggling business or even that their future is in doubt. In fact, famed director Quentin Tarantino’s proclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival in May that digital projection is the death of cinema. That “death” has been predicted since the advent of television. Yet, the business is growing worldwide.

My perspective of the future of movies is that movies are an integral part of our lives, and will never go away. As Bob Iger of Disney said in July: (more…)

New, Bigger, Better: 10th Anniversary Overview of Enhanced Cinemas

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bigger-betterIt’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since we presented our first “Class” overview in Film Journal International. Our surveys of each prior year to see how movie theatres around the world are evolving have introduced our readers to an inspiring group of graduates that is nothing short of amazing. Cinemas added bigger and better seats, some of them even moving in tune with the movie. Alongside the addition of footrests and tables and speakers galore, they made their screens extra-large and dimensionalized their sound systems for utmost clarity, separation and detail. (more…)