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CONCEPT LIBRARY: Immersive Experience

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Name of Concept: Immersive Experience

Description of Concept: This large format screen literally wraps around premium seating. This auditorium can show traditional cinema or alternative content.

CONCEPT LIBRARY: Alternative Content Auditorium

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Name of Concept: Alternative Content Auditorium

Description of Concept: From concerts to the Opera or sporting events, this convertible auditorium has retractable seating that can change from traditional theatre seating to exposed platforms that can hold bar tables and chairs. Projectors on the sidewalls can be used to create a truly immersive experience.


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Name of concept: Premium VIP Seating

Concept: This seating configuration allows for a big screen experience in a private setting. Custom seating, wide row widths and protection from the view of others, this high-end seating arrangement is the ultimate in Premium VIP.