Impact of Data on Cinema

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By Michael Cummings, Sr. Principal, TK Architects International

June 30, 2016

There were several sessions at the CineEurope convention in Barcelona this year that focused on the impact that data is having on Cinema.  Data is the reason that Amazon has a better idea of what you want for your birthday than your spouse.  Many of the discussions focused on exhibitor loyalty programs and what is possible to do with that information.cine europe aign (more…)

The Value of an Architect

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…After all, the common misconception about architects is that all we do is drawings. While we do spend a lot of time drawing, in reality there is so much more to what we do than that…

Future of Film Review: FITNESS TRACKERS & Emotion Sensing Software?

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By David Taylor, TK Architects International.

February, 2016



Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch TV and Movies but it’s not merely through its online film streaming but through the way it has personalized its content to the viewer.  Netflix uses data mining to grossly monitor and create detailed profiles on its 69 million customers [6].  Using these profiles, Netflix used this data to shape how it marketed shows.  Netflix users who preferred certain actors were marketed the show with that actor as the main character.   Users with history of watching certain genres were marketed a trailer emphasizing the show’s genre.

Many other online companies such as YouTube are emulating Netflix’s success pattern to get better media to customers.  So what have movie theaters being doing to personalize its content or market films?  Well, not much has changed…  Although larger theater chains such as Regal or Cinemark are using new technology such as mobile apps to encourage purchasing tickets or find movies playing near you, the direct customized marketing is still absent from their business model.  But, to be fair, there are already many independent online sites or apps which already share movie reviews with friends such as Rotten Tomatoes and Facebook to “get the word out.”

Currently, selecting a movie to watch in theaters can be difficult from a consumer’s perspective. (more…)

Message from Russia and the Middle East

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By Jack Muffoletto, TK Architects International

January 2016 


ISBExpo 2015

Going to the movies is a worldwide pleasure.  Although the indulgence of movie going is the same, cinema design varies around the world and even within the boundaries of a single city.  Internet images are no substitute for experiencing global cinema operations and micro-markets first hand.  On my way to the 2nd annual International ShowBiz Expo (ISBE) in Dubai, I planned a stop in Russia to follow up with a client who has asked me to review a few of their existing cinemas .  It is no secret that the economy in Russia is suffering.  Cinema operators there do not have urgent plans that involve a lot of risk taking and construction expense.  Instead, this client is interested in the feasibility of low risk remodeling, modest re-branding and even area reduction to be able to roll back lease obligation expense. (more…)