August , 2020

Hello Again! We’re in week two of our blog series “Re-imagining the Restaurant”. This series starts with the premise that changes in customer attitudes and habits have been accelerated by the pandemic. Then we ask our designers to imagine a facility around those future trends. This week imagines one way a facility could become more flexible.

What will the future look like?

As we said last week, These are not necessarily ready-to-ship solutions but what-if scenarios meant to build a bridge between where we are now and what the future may hold.

Idea #3

If the pandemic has taught us anything its that adaptability is key. More than that, maintaining a brand experience as you do it is the difference between “sorry it has to be this way” and “look at this premium upgrade we’re giving you”.

This idea focuses on flexibility; one restaurant that can transform to deliver three distinct customer experiences.  The main design move here takes an existing restaurant and adds on a flexible porte-cochere.  Consider this the super-structure which different elements can be plugged into, enabling it to switch between normal mode, expanded dining mode, or luxury pick-up mode.

Mode 1: Double the dining.  Create an intentionally designed covered space with premium pavers as flooring, heating elements for comfort through the seasons.  Thoughtful layout and lighting can make this feel like an extension of the dining area.  Ultimately, this mode is aimed at increasing capacity while providing distance. 

Mode 2: Premium Pick up.  Perhaps your brand has $$$ or $$$$ on yelp, should pick up need to become the primary means of revenue,  a premium pick-up zone can preserve your brand prestige by elevating the experience.  Something to differentiate your experience from fast-food, and remind your customers that you pay attention to detail, atmosphere, and customer service even as you pivot from one mode to another.

Mode 3: A “normal” restaurant with a premium drop off and modest patio.  This mode is the business-as-it-used-to-be version.  The porte-cochere remains, the premium paver tiles remain and create an upgraded arrival, even some covered parking. However, the more important aspect is that it is ready to switch to the other modes if needed to continue to deliver a premium experience

I hope you enjoyed this week’s idea about the restaurants of the future. Did this spark any ideas for you? Perhaps you know how we can improve one of these…we’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned!

Steven Dragan

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