TK Architects for Latest Floor Design Trends

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An interview with TK Architects designer Amanda Philhour has been featured in a recent article “The Retail Sector Update” of Floor Focus magazine, January 2015 issue by Darius Helm (26). In the article she discusses the new modern trends of floor design elements. A photo of TK’s Santiko’s Palladium project near Houston, TX is also featured in the article.

Using Set Design Principles in Movie Theatre Design

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Mike Cummings at CineAsia 2014, Hong Kong

MIKE CUMMINGS, TK Principal, presented at CineAsia University 2014 on December 10, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Presentation, titled: “Using Set Design Principles in Movie Theatre Design“.

In his presentation Mike Cummings talked about various ways of setting up the atmosphere with help of interesting design techniques at the cinema.

“Set design – what designers can do to enhance the experience…” – Read more HERE {Posted and photo by Patrick von Sychowski} (more…)