Conceptual Design

CONCEPT LIBRARY: Two Story Lobby/Lounge

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Name of Concept: Two Story Lobby/Lounge

Description of Concept: Created for an International client that wanted an Art Deco look with a contemporary twist, this space allows VIP’s to climb to the second level via a grand stair and balcony that overlooks seating in the main lobby.

CONCEPT LIBRARY: Social Experience Auditorium

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Name of Concept: Social Experience Auditorium

Description of Concept: This social experience auditorium/lounge allows patrons to interact with easy access to the bar and each other during movies. The space is separated from fixed, traditional seating that is located above.

CONCEPT LIBRARY: Times Palace Lobby

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Name of Concept: Times Palace Lobby

Description of Concept: Focused on revenue generation by showcasing entertainment options, this lobby is where the activity of Times Square meets the grandeur of a classic cinema palace.

CONCEPT LIBRARY: Alternative Content Auditorium

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Name of Concept: Alternative Content Auditorium

Description of Concept: From concerts to the Opera or sporting events, this convertible auditorium has retractable seating that can change from traditional theatre seating to exposed platforms that can hold bar tables and chairs. Projectors on the sidewalls can be used to create a truly immersive experience.