El Pollo Loco

Project Description:

El Pollo Loco is a national chain of Mexican restaurants, no-frills counter-service acclaimed for its fire-grilled whole & half chickens as a healthy alternative to fried chicken with homestyle fixin’s and their famous Salsa Bar. You can drive-in, take-out, or drive-through.

El Pollo Loco launched a major remodel program in 2012 that celebrates the brand’s heritage and updates the dining room and building exterior of franchise locations. TK Architects has been assisting with the program’s remodel design needs as well as new store construction.

TK Architects is currently serving as an extension of staff for El Pollo Loco’s in-house design team, supporting the construction of new stores primarily in California, Texas, and Arizona. The project scope of work includes site evaluations, site plan development, planning, and design per jurisdiction requirements and permitting. In addition, TK Architects assists with developing, maintaining, and updating the prototypes for El Pollo Loco’s two different store designs. TK Architects works on adapting EPL’s signature brand on the exterior as needed to fit a developer’s style.