Illyuzion Park - Cheremushki

Project Description:

The spacious food court of “Illyuzion Park”, an entertainment center in Vladivostok, Russia, located in the shopping center “Cheremushki” seats 358  guests with a delightful view of the Golden Horn Bay. The food court is represented by several establishments preparing dishes of Singaporean, Italian, European, Japanese, and Korean cuisine: Dumpling Republic, Yummy Pizza & Kebabs, Gelato Italiano, Ukushu, Toki Sushi, Mirina. In addition, “Illusion Park” features the first self-service cinema concessions in the Far East of Russia.

The entire area is complemented with the extended amount of retail stores and self-serve food stores for original gifts, sweets, and souvenirs.

TK has prepared a functional layout for the public spaces.