Project Description:

The Cinemark Palace 20 in Boca Raton, Florida underwent a renovation to add recliners and replace the restaurant on the upper floor.  The kitchen was reconfigured to accommodate a new menu and a new keg cooler.  The public space of the restaurant received new luxurious finishes and adding additional amenities.  Two satellite concessions were replaced and relocated to open up a large seating area and the banquet space was replaced with a games lounge where patrons can enjoy shuffleboard, pool, and foosball before or after a movie.  A microcinema was also added and can be rented out and includes a  dine-in service.  At the heart of the expanded dining is a dual-sided elegant bar that flows through the space and is anchored by a large suspended bottle display.  The restaurant offers a diverse variety of seating types including soft seating or chess/checker tables.

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