Make Profit with Design

May 2024

by Jack Muffoletto

What all the talk is about

When clients talk business planning and facilities, growth and ROI dominate the discussion. In today’s climate, achieving these goals might seem daunting—but it’s entirely possible. Here’s how.

The challenges arise from inflation-driven expense increases on everything from food and beverage to energy, wages, and interest rates.  Our clients have had to raise ticket and menu prices, deal with staffing shortages, and face supply chain issues. Meanwhile, consumers are constantly demanding a better experience for their ‘night-out’, which needs to remain affordable and appealing to families, couples, and groups of friends. 

So, what happens next?  Slow, well-thought-out, deliberate planning for development spending to enhance the experience of the typical ‘night-out’.

More choices means more customers. This is what has been driving the entertainment industry of late for all kinds of reasons.  Those choices come in the form of amenities, alternatives, and attractions.

For the past decade, our cinema clients have been redefining the movie-going experience. They have introduced amenities like recliner chairs, VIP settings, premium large format screens and sound, 3D, 4D, dine-in, and more.  We’ve also seen alternatives like expanded menus, alcohol bars, sports and
music viewing, coffee, seating and Wi-Fi.

And most recently we’ve seen the integration of entertainment attractions such as arcades and redemption, bowling, laser tag, darts and billiards, axe throwing, golf simulators, event spaces, and more.

What we do

Our role is to seamlessly harmonize the market-driven attractions into an exciting and organized operation for our clients.  We focus on functional layout design to maximize every square foot, incorporating profitable attractions quickly and efficiently…

And enhance the experience…

And reinvent your brand…

And do it all cost-effectively.

It is easy to erase a wall on a sheet of paper, but every bit of demo has a cost to remove and replace, not to mention any interior design feature, or any impending structural, mechanical, electrical or plumbing modifications. 

In the end, experience wins the day.

It’s our experience that leads us to tailor solutions for each unique client. The positive outcomes? A boost in attendance and cash flow. Achieving this can be made smoother with thoughtful design.

Ready to enhance your business with effective design solutions? Lets connect and pave the way for your success together!

Jack Muffoletto, Sr. Principal