FatCats Saratoga Springs

Project Description:

This is FatCats Entertainment’s first new ground-up facility built specifically for the FatCats “All out Fun” brand.  Located in Saratoga Springs just a few miles from their corporate headquarters in Lehi.

FatCats Saratoga Springs features a seven (7) acre site with a 61,000 square foot facility that boasts eight (8) luxury theatres all with recliner seating and one (1) with a fully immersive state of the art Dolby Atmos sound system, twenty (20) lanes of recreational bowling, a space-age themed mini glow in the dark golf course, three (3) virtual reality experience booths, one of the largest arcades in Utah loaded with current and popular games, four (4) corporate party and business rooms and a full-service scratch kitchen serving the entire facility.

FatCats Entertainment creates an experience where families can enjoy quality food and superior entertainment all in one facility hence their slogan “All out Fun”.

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