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To Lease, Own, Build New, Re-use, or Renovate.

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We are experiencing new signs of optimism and forward movement in the construction industry. More companies and financial institutions are undertaking new expansion and development programs, which in turn will increase the forward march of business and a much-needed social rebound.

The timeline to cultural and economic normalcy is still uncertain. Many businesses have been forced to operate on company savings rather than company profits and care must be taken. An important factor businesses are faced with, is, how much financial risk is too much.

There are many cost option considerations that can be explored by forward-thinking businesses.

The first decision is should we own or lease? Once this is established, you need to decide the type of project you are interested in:

There are pros and cons to all of the above, so lets dig a little deeper:


New Build – Developing and building a new facility from the ground up.

Renovate / Retrofit – Upgrade, change, add to an existing facility already in place.

Re-use – To develop an existing space that has been left vacant.

There is no one answer and many options. The web is complex but can be very rewarding to those that take the opportunities.

The items listed offer insight at most into some of the considerations involved in making a decision regarding the development approach. It is empowering and exciting to see the start of a revival in our lives. Long reign those businesses and entrepreneurs willing to step out and take the risks which end up benefiting us all. Investing in the growth of your company will pay off in the long run.

Principal Ian Wilson


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When I began my adventure into architecture, the tools of the day were pens, pencils, erasers, razor blades (the original undo button), vellum drawing boards, and parallel squares. There was no magic in the background other than experience and mentoring. Our information sources were our mentors or the physical libraries located in our city offices. Faxes and chorded phones were the cutting edge of technology for communicating and transferring information quickly.

Not even the Brothers Grimm could have foretold such technical magic that was to come. Who could have fantasied about the brave digital age ahead and how it would reshape architectural production and coordination, forever?

Efficiencies in production were slow to adopt early releases of CAD software, in addition to being limited to computing power. However, as technology developed, it became apparent that there were real production advantages to be uncovered. The evolution of communication through technology has been a constant driver in the continued improvement in collaboration across disciplines and parties. In a short period of time, we have gone from fax-to email-to Revit and CAD computer software and cloud-based resources and apps like BIM-360. Working together is extremely quick and effective across the board. TK Architects uses BIM 360 for communication and site sharing capabilities as well as:

  • Provide a reliable, one source location for all project teams to secure online file management in Revit
  • Secure automatic back-up and historical retrieval of previous iterations of a developing Revit model
  • Security against internal hardware failures such as viruses, networks, and hard drive corruption; all that can lead to a great loss of product produced, product to be redone.and downtime.
  • Built-in document review, markup and instant sharing of these with our teams
  • The ability to allow regulated access to files for our clients, vendors, and contractors


As a benefit to our clients, TK strives to be at the cutting edge of technology, using advanced software like Autodesk Dynamo. Dynamo is used to automate repetitive, time-consuming, and often laborious tasks that often in the past could generate minor inconsistencies. This allows us to provide a higher quality, more efficient, and accurate product while allowing us to focus on the larger scale scope and coordination issues associated with just about any complex project.

There is a new kind of architect and engineer, one with equal doses of digital, hands-on team collaboration, and ingenuity.


What can you imagine? VR building of the model, as if hands-on? What will be the extent of 3D printing in construction? What wonders and opportunities for new structures, materials, efficiency will be available to us all. We see man vendors and companies from all fields implementing these tools in order to bring the client into the project and model as early as possible, allowing them to sample the space being created.

EPILOGUE (actually, it’s just the beginning)

I have been in the industry for over 30 years and love it with a passion every day. That passion is fanned by many of the new BIM developments in technology that are allowing us to increase efficiency and quality while freeing us up to spend time on things like design.


– Ian Wilson

Founded in 1981, TK Architects is a full-service architectural firm that offers all professional design services in-house to simplify and streamline coordination, including: Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering. The firm’s focus is entertainment architecture and engineering, including cinema, bowling, bars/lounges, food service and entertainment centers worldwide. TK Architects provides the right services at the right time to meet client’s specific needs, including: New Buildings, Tenant Interiors, Renovations, Facility Upgrades and Maintenance.

For more information about TK Architects please visit www.tkarch.com or contact Jack C. Muffoletto, at jcmuffoletto@tkarch.com